Meet Candace

The Value of the Vote

My name is Candace Avalos and I am a first generation “Blacktina” from the east coast that transplanted to Portland in 2013. I come from a family of Guatemalan immigrants that came to the United States in the 1960s seeking a brighter future, fleeing violence, poverty, and a lack of opportunities. These roots have taught me to appreciate the value of the vote, as my grandparents faithfully cast their vote in every election cycle seeking leaders that will continue to support their success. This sparked my interest in government accountability and serving the needs of its constituents.

After finishing my Masters of Education at James Madison University, I have called Portland home. For the last six years I have been working at Portland State University, mentoring and cultivating students in civic engagement, on campus and in their communities. As a product of a vibrant college campus that engaged me in social and civic activities, I have continued that passion in helping the next generation of student leaders to find their voice as an educator and advocate. Through my time at PSU, I have seen that the issues facing our students – namely, houselessness and housing instability – are similar to the core issues facing the city of Portland.

I decided to start investing more of my energy in seeking ways to engage with the city to address some of these issues, practicing what I preach to my students every day in their advocacy for change.

That’s why I serve on a city commission to increase transparency, accountability and public confidence in law enforcement. This work has taught me that we can do better in Portland city government by engaging with our unique communities in creative ways, bridging together the great work of community leaders and organizations, and finally, by addressing the outdated commissioner system of government that keeps holding us back as a city.

As your next city commissioner, I am committed to bringing my experience as an educator and change management facilitator, relational leadership, innovative constituent engagement strategies, and determination to fight passionately for the people of Portland to city hall. 

Most of all, I am prepared to champion the effort to decommission city council and bring district representation to Portlanders. As this city continues to grow and change, our leaders must grow and change with it. We need bold leadership today, because Portland deserves a better tomorrow. I believe in our future, and with your vote, I will fight for it as your commissioner.

Make a Donation

Candace is running a grassroots campaign fueled by the people of Portland, not corporations and special interest PACs. Therefore, we are only accepting donations under $250! By donating and supporting our movement, we can elect a candidate that will ensure all voices are heard and represented in city hall. Donate today and tell your friends!

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