Environmental Justice is Possible

Environment & Climate

It’s no secret that we are facing an existential environmental crisis globally and the time for less talk and more action is now. Every person in Portland deserves and needs clean air and water, therefore every policy decision we make needs to be approached from the lens of climate to take comprehensive, local action. We must ensure the Portland Clean Energy fund is fully funded and invests in jobs that improve the environment and health of all communities. Restorative justice is fundamental to this process—fixing historic injustices against black, indigenous, and people of color in our city is not optional. We need a Portland Green New Deal that ensures frontline communities experiencing the harshest effects of climate change are leading conversations on how to mitigate its impacts.

★ Make Portland Carbon Neutral by 2050

We must ensure infrastructure projects don’t have a negative impact on the environment. Investing our money into redesigning our city to promote a green way of getting around town that isn’t car centric will have a long-lasting positive impact on the health of our communities. We must coordinate with City, County, and Metro agencies to develop plans with measurable benchmarks and commit to investing funds into communities that need green infrastructure the most.

★ Supporting the Portland Clean Energy Fund

The Portland Clean Energy Fund is a historic opportunity for our city to make a meaningful impact on the climate crisis by making corporations pay their fair share—we must defend and expand it! Enforcing accountability to the implementation of PCEF is a critical next step and equitable investment of funds needs to be led by frontline communities.

★ A Portland Green New Deal Led by Frontline Communities

We must take advantage of the opportunities that climate change and environmental instability are providing us. New jobs will be created that are compatible with transforming Portland into a greener city. We also need to support those who will be most affected by climate change which often includes communities of color.

★ Assert Portland’s Leadership on Environmental Issues

I will seek to establish an annual environmental summit, led by the city of Portland. The summit would invite all of the community stakeholders to evaluate environmental impacts upon the Metro area annually to ensure city policy reflects the needs of the people and their environment and allows for increased livability. Portland must also assert its leadership on the international stage, and commit to supporting and inspiring other communities in Oregon to seek an urban transformation that doesn’t leave people behind.

★ Facilitate a Culture of Green Learning

We must provide our students with the tools and opportunities necessary to allow them the skills they need to transform our culture. Climate change will have a far greater impact on future generations and we owe it to them to make learning opportunities accessible at little to no cost. We should provide more opportunities for young people to lead by investing their ideas into the city and have access to training in jobs crucial to a Green New Deal.

★ Demand Accountability From The Federal Government

We need environmental impact studies that are conducted nationally to help us ensure city planning is done in a manner that benefits everyone. We must demand federal agencies under the Trump administration stop defunding critical environmental impact studies, and uphold their obligation to provide cities with the information we need to effectively address environmental issues on a local level.

Accountability & Accessibility

We must improve access to our government for feedback to engage community members in the decision making process.

Housing & Houselessness

Together we must create a culture that makes it socially and politically unacceptable for our neighbors to remain houseless.

Public Safety

We need to empower our leaders to hold problem officers accountable while strengthening the citizen review process.

Transportation & Infrastructure

How we get from point A to point B in this city defines how we structure our lives, from running errands to going to work.

Environment & Climate

A comprehensive approach to our environment, that incorporates urgency and action, is what Portland needs, and what I will fight for.

Economy & Workforce Development

It’s important that on the local level of government we make decisions that give Portlanders access to growth opportunities.

Thriving Economy & Workforce Development

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Housing & Houslessness

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Public Safety

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