Police Accountability is Possible

Public Safety

In a community like Portland with many diverse needs, the people we put in charge of overseeing our safety must be responsive and accountable to what our community says they need. In my time working in police accountability as Vice Chair of the Citizen Review Committee, I’ve learned a lot about the challenges our officers in the Portland Police face. There is a desire to confront biases, help the houseless, and improve interactions during protests, and we must be open to the fact that there is good work being done to address these things within bureau leadership. At the same time, we need to be brave enough to have tough conversations and challenge old habits that continue to harm trust between the community and the police. Change cannot come without accountability—accountability of our officers and accountability to our citizens. We need to empower the chief of police and our elected leaders to hold problem officers accountable while strengthening the citizen review process.

★ Strengthen Citizen Police Oversight

Our current system of committees and advisory boards leaves the people without the power to influence change and hold their community leaders accountable. We need citizen oversight that has the authority to recommend changes and city officials committed to making those changes a reality. We must review all advisory boards and assess their efficiency and be prepared to create, disband, or adjust these boards as needed.

★ True Accountability That Values Our Voices and Our Trust

Since it’s nearly impossible to remove officers for racism or killing civilians in our current system, we need to reassess if the system is truly working for the people and with their best interests. Portlanders of all walks of life want the police to succeed just as much as they do, but that success varies based on the unique relationship every community has with the police. It’s important to acknowledge the history and current norm of over policing black and other communities of color. We need to learn from this history to ensure the next generation of police reflects how our society has evolved. The inability to effectively remove officers that cause harm in our community does not reflect the values we stand for as a city.

★ Prioritize Wellness Programs Over More Police on the Payroll

Instead of using our limited resources to continue adding more police to the payroll, we should invest those funds into wellness programs. We need a cultural shift in our police, and that’s going to require openly addressing the well being of the people who we give the responsibility of carrying a lethal weapon and overseeing the community.

★ Recruitment and Training That Reflects and Comes From Our Neighborhoods

Hiring officers takes so long that many leave the process as a result, making it more difficult to bring in quality hires in a timely fashion to respond to our urgent needs. In addition to shortening the hiring process, we need officers to reflect our neighborhoods – meaning they must not only live in these neighborhoods, but represent different communities of people. When it comes to training, we are a city rich with knowledge and resources from leaders who have committed to improving the relationship between the police and the communities they are sworn to protect. Let’s bring these leaders in to share this knowledge and create a more robust training program that involves the community.

★ Protecting Our Right to Protest and Assemble

Our society is in a moment of growing inequality and rampant corruption which has awakened us, bringing us to the streets to speak out for the changes we want to see. While maintaining a safe environment to engage in our democracy, we must ensure those standards are applied fairly. Growing hostility on the streets between Portlanders and the police during public demonstrations fosters an environment where people become afraid to speak out and participate, and this must be corrected.

★ Demilitarization to Remove Barriers Between Police and the Community

Protecting our communities requires building relationships, understanding the unique needs of each neighborhood, and working collaboratively with community leaders to solve chronic public safety problems. Access to military grade weapons and uniforms instantly puts up a barrier between Portlanders and the people sworn to protect them. According to Campaign Zero, “studies show that more militarized police departments are significantly more likely to kill civilians.” We must respond by implementing policies on the city level that put our funds elsewhere.

Accountability & Accessibility

We must improve access to our government for feedback to engage community members in the decision making process.

Housing & Houselessness

Together we must create a culture that makes it socially and politically unacceptable for our neighbors to remain houseless.

Public Safety

We need to empower our leaders to hold problem officers accountable while strengthening the citizen review process.

Transportation & Infrastructure

How we get from point A to point B in this city defines how we structure our lives, from running errands to going to work.

Environment & Climate

A comprehensive approach to our environment, that incorporates urgency and action, is what Portland needs, and what I will fight for.

Economy & Workforce Development

It’s important that on the local level of government we make decisions that give Portlanders access to growth opportunities.

Thriving Economy & Workforce Development

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Housing & Houslessness

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Public Safety

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