Modern Infrastructure is Possible

Transportation & Infrastructure

Our city’s infrastructure is the foundation for which our economy operates and our lives are lived. Crumbling infrastructure isn’t just inconvenient, it’s costly and potentially deadly. We need to rebuild Portland’s infrastructure, not just repair it with bandaid solutions. We have the opportunity to reconstruct Portland and be a leader in equitable city planning. We must also future-proof our city, not just in terms of infrastructure durability but resilience to climate change as well, meaning the deployment of green construction technology.

★ Make Public Transit More Accessible

It’s urgent that we put public transit in the hands of those who need it, meaning we must expand transit eastward. Access to transit is not just a means to go from point A to point B, but is critical in how Portlanders connect to our city and each other. Increasing service across town helps decrease travel times and could reduce traffic by getting people out of their cars, allowing Portlanders to move around efficiently. This efficiency cannot be reserved for those with means, therefore we must strive for a fareless transit system.

★ Invest in Safer Transportation Infrastructure

We need to aggressively fund projects that increases safety for all types of transportation, especially for bikers and pedestrians. We need to lean into Vision Zero status with more lighting, better crosswalks and ramps, barriers to protect bikers, and marked bus only lanes. A good start would be adding sidewalks to the miles of roads without them, particularly in East Portland.

★ Prioritize Creating 15 Minute Neighborhoods

We must coordinate with City, County, and Metro agencies to develop plans, and the necessary funding, that make 15-Minute Neighborhoods a reality—and bring an end to displacement and houselessness. Changing how we rebuild and redesign our city needs to reflect the voices of the communities most neglected by infrastructure funding and prioritize growth particularly on the East side.

★ A Community Driven Plan for 2035

As Portland’s population is expected to continue to grow, we don’t have time to waste in developing long term strategic plans to address how we will support this growth. We must ensure it is not at the expense of communities already struggling to make ends meet, and that taxpayer money is being invested equitably. Input from the community needs to happen at every layer of this process so we don’t leave behind our most vulnerable. We must push the county and Metro to meet high standards of community input when talking about land use, urban growth boundaries, and future development of the metropolitan area. Portland needs to be the city that works for people!

★ Bring Municipal Broadband to the Portland Region

In so many ways, we are a society dependent on access to the internet to move through the world. Whether that is paying our bills, studying and doing research, job searching, and more, the internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity to even have the chance to prosper in the 21st century. Unfortunately, internet plans are getting ever more expense while competition continues to decrease. This is an equity and accessibility issue, and the answer needs to be to partner with Multnomah County in bringing municipal broadband to Portland. Major companies hoard our hard earned dollars and are the gatekeepers to our access to affordable internet — it’s time we take ownership of the internet and ensure access at all levels of income.

Accountability & Accessibility

We must improve access to our government for feedback to engage community members in the decision making process.

Housing & Houselessness

Together we must create a culture that makes it socially and politically unacceptable for our neighbors to remain houseless.

Public Safety

We need to empower our leaders to hold problem officers accountable while strengthening the citizen review process.

Transportation & Infrastructure

How we get from point A to point B in this city defines how we structure our lives, from running errands to going to work.

Environment & Climate

A comprehensive approach to our environment, that incorporates urgency and action, is what Portland needs, and what I will fight for.

Economy & Workforce Development

It’s important that on the local level of government we make decisions that give Portlanders access to growth opportunities.

Thriving Economy & Workforce Development

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Housing & Houslessness

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Public Safety

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