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My name is Candace Avalos and I am a first generation “Blacktina” from the east coast that transplanted to Portland in 2013. I come from a family of Guatemalan immigrants that came to the United States in the 1960s seeking a brighter future, fleeing violence, poverty, and a lack of opportunities. These roots have taught me to appreciate the value of the vote, as my grandparents faithfully cast their vote in every election cycle seeking leaders that will continue to support their success. This sparked my interest in government accountability and serving the needs of its constituents.

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Candace is running a grassroots campaign fueled by the people of Portland, not corporations and special interest PACs. Therefore, we are only accepting donations under $250! By donating and supporting our movement, we can elect a candidate that will ensure all voices are heard and represented in city hall. Donate today and tell your friends!

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