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PORTLAND, OR – Community leader and advocate Candace Avalos announced today her campaign to champion East Portland’s District 1 on Portland City Council. 

“East Portland is a growing and evolving community, and we have been waiting a long time for promises made in City Hall to be realized,” said Avalos. “The only way Portland has ever made progress has been people coming together to make change. For years I have shown my love for this city by being a part of creating real solutions. And now I’m inspired to run for City Council to take it to the next level.”

Candace currently serves as Executive Director of Verde, an environmental justice nonprofit building environmental wealth in NE Portland’s Cully neighborhood. Prior to Verde, Candace worked at Portland State University for 8 years providing civic engagement and leadership education for student leaders. Candace also has served on the Citizen Review Committee where she has fought for increased transparency, accountability and public confidence in law enforcement, the Charter Review Committee where she worked with the community to modernize and strengthen Portland’s form of government. 

On City Council, Candace will work diligently to guarantee every person in East Portland has their voice heard and reflected in their local government. She will continue her fight for pragmatic and dynamic policies to address homelessness, community safety, government accountability, modern infrastructure, environmental justice, and equitable economic opportunity.To learn more about Candace, where she stands on the issues, and hear from her supporters, visit and follow Team Candace on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @candaceforpdx.

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