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Community Members

Jessica Calcagni


Elizabeth Case

Hillsboro City Council Candidate

Jeana Frazzini

Former Executive Director, Basic Rights Oregon

Diane Goodwin

Small Business Owner

Stephen Green

Entrepreneur and Community Leader

Kyle Huth

Resident of East Portland

Love Jonson

Affordable Housing Policy Analyst and Housing Justice Advocate

Anna Kemper

Board President of Portland: Neighbors Welcome

Kathy Kniep

Consultant – Nonprofit Sector

Jenny Lee

Racial Justice Advocate

Paul Lumley

Nonprofit Chief Executive Officer

Damon Motz-Storey

Environmental Leader, Artist, Centennial Neighborhood Resident

Andrés Oswill

Small Business Owner: Se Puede PDX, Board Chair Portland for All

Debra Porta

Community Leader

Ciara Pressler

Small Business Owner & Advocate

Britton Taylor

Communications Officer, Multnomah Democrats

Kierra Wing

City Government Official


Current & Former Elected Officials

Akasha Lawrence Spence
Former Oregon State Senator
Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg
Beaverton City Councilor
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Add your name to support Candace Avalos for Portland City Council in 2024

We are building a coalition of new voices to bring change to city hall, and we need your help! Add your name to the list below to support Candace in running for city council. If you can, please also consider writing a quick 2-3 sentence statement of your support that we can  post on the website!

Titles are for identification purposes only and not representative of the organizations reflected.