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Over 125 community members, elected officials, and organizations have endorsed Candace Avalos for City Council. Would you like to join the movement? Endorse Candace today!

Current & Former Elected Officials

Headshot of Former Oregon State Senator Akasha Lawrence Spence.
Akasha Lawrence Spence
Former Oregon State Senator
Headshot of former Gresham-Barlow School Board Director Amanda Orozco.
Amanda Orozco
Former Gresham-Barlow School Board Director
Headshot of former David Douglas School Board Member Ana del Rocío.
Ana del Rocío
Former David Douglas School Board Member
Headshot of State Representative Andrea Valderrama.
Andrea Valderrama
State Representative
Headshot of Mt. Hood Community College Board of Education Director Andrew Speer.
Andrew Speer
Director, Mt. Hood Community College Board of Education
Headshot of Beaverton City Councilor Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg.
Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg
Beaverton City Councilor
Headshot of Metro Councilor Ashton Simpson.
Ashton Simpson
Metro Councilor
Headshot of Austin Folnagy
Austin Folnagy
Lane Community College Board Member
Headshot of Casey Kulla
Casey Kulla
Former Yamhill County Commissioner
Headshot of State Representative Dacia Grayber.
Dacia Grayber
State Representative
Danny Cage
Community Leader & School Board Member
Headshot of Deb Patterson, Oregon State Senator
Deb Patterson
Oregon State Senator
Headshot of Metro Councilor Duncan Hwang.
Duncan Hwang
Metro Councilor
Headshot of State Representative Hoa Nguyen.
Hoa Nguyen
State Representative
Headshot of Tigard City Councilor Jai Raj Singh.
Jai Raj Singh
Tigard City Councilor
Headshot of Jeff Cogen
Jeff Cogen
Former Multnomah County Chair
Headshot of Jessica Vega Pederson, Multnomah County Chair
Jessica Vega Pederson
Multnomah County Chair

Community Members

Jessica Calcagni


Elizabeth Case

Hillsboro City Council Candidate

Jeana Frazzini

Former Executive Director, Basic Rights Oregon

Diane Goodwin

Small Business Owner

Stephen Green

Entrepreneur & Community Leader

Kyle Huth

Resident of East Portland

Love Jonson

Policy Analyst & Housing Justice Advocate

Anna Kemper

Board President, Portland: Neighbors Welcome

Kathy Kniep

Consultant, Nonprofit Sector

Jenny Lee

Racial Justice Advocate

Paul Lumley

Nonprofit Chief Executive Officer

Damon Motz-Storey

Environmental Leader, Artist, & Centennial Neighborhood Resident

Andrés Oswill

Small Business Owner: Se Puede PDX & Board Chair, Portland for All

Debra Porta

Community Leader

Ciara Pressler

Small Business Owner & Advocate

Britton Taylor

Communications Officer, Multnomah Democrats

Kierra Wing

City Government Official

Jay Parasco


Alan Hipólito 

Community Member

Aaron Brown

Transportation Advocate

Marcus Mundy

Nonprofit Executive 

Babatunde Azubuike

Executive Director, Black and Beyond the Binary Collective & Small Business Owner

Clara (Gillet) McNally

Community Organizer

Angela Uherbelau

Literacy & Equity Advocate

Alexandra Modjeski

PSU Alumni

Angela Hamilton 

PSU Staff and Alumni

Julia DeGraw

Resident of East Portland & Community Leader

Jordan Karr-Morse

Community Leader

Amira Streeter

Policy Professional & Community Leader

Jennifer Parrish Taylor

Resident of East Portland & Community Advocate

Yume Delegato 

Community Advocate

Sandy Chung

Civil Rights Leader & Nonprofit Executive Director

Melanie Billings-Yun 

Former Charter Commissioner 

Salomé Chimuku

Community Activist & Multnomah County Democrats Chair

Seemab Hussaini

Community Organizer

Ann Campbell 

Former PCCEP Member & Community Leader

Aaron Reffitt

Resident of Portland

Indi Namkoong

Transportation Advocate

Reyna Lopez

President/Executive Director, PCUN

Kristin Malone

Former Chair, City of Portland Citizen Review Committee

Yvonne Garcia

Nonprofit Deputy Director

Erin Kothari

Executive Director, Color PAC

Andres Lopez, PhD

Data Justice Leader

Annette Pronk

Community Leader

Maria Hernandez Segoviano

Community Advocate

Joel Iboa

Executive Director, Oregon Just Transition Alliance & Chair, Governor’s Environmental Justice Task Force

Hannah Sohl

Executive Director, Rogue Climate

Brianna Westenskow 

East Portland Resident

CeCe Ridder

Resident of Beaverton

Jason Renaud

Community Activist

Shannon Singleton

Community Leader & Housing Advocate

Kate Bergsgaard

Real Estate Agent

Michael Andersen

Housing Researcher

Veronica Banuelos 

Resident of East Portland

Harold McNaron

Educator & SURJ Member

Nancy Davis


Rain Madrone

Small Business Owner

Dr. Shaina Pomerantz

Executive Director, RACE TALKS

Jorge Sanchez Bautista

Community Organizer 

Mark Donovan

Chairman of the Board, Oregon Kickball Club 

Sarah Kowaleski

Coalition Organizer

Stacey Heath

Organization Development & Change

Chris Smith

Transportation Activist

Bridget Calfee

Nonprofit Executive Director

Stephen Gomez

Community Leader

Kristin Teigen

Educator & Activist

Henry Honorof

Housing Activist

Desiree Williams-Rajee

Owner, Kapwa Consulting, LLC

Oscar Arana

Nonprofit Executive Director

Ana Molina

Environmental Justice Leader

Juan Barraza

Director of Entrepreneurship at VertueLab

Austin Foster

Police Accountability Community Leader

Sandra Comstock

Executive Director, Hygiene4All

Cheyenne Holliday

Environmental Justice Leader

Aimee Shattuck

PSU Director of Student Activities & Leadership Programs

Cliff Jones

Community Leader & Consultant

Megan Kovacs

Community Leader

Cameron Whitten

Nonprofit Executive Director

Bryan Lewis

Community Leader

Camille Trummer

Social Impact Consultant

Catherine Thomasson

Environmental Justice Leader

Jackie Yerby

Community Leader

Elliott Young

Police Accountability Community Leader

Nick Caleb

Environmental Attorney

Shelli Romero

Community Leader

Carly Hood-Ronick

Nonprofit Chief Executive Officer

Jacob Apenes

Sunrise Movement PDX Member

Lucia Longoria

Montavilla Neighborhood Resident & Public Health Organizer 

Aydia Johnson

Project Assistant & PSU Student

Timothy Halbur

Media Producer

Emma Darden

Community Leader

Emory Mort

Community Leader

Andre Miller

Community Advocate

Natalie Smith

Nonprofit Volunteer

Michael Smith

Former Vice Chair, Multnomah County Democrats

Nathaniel Glasgow

Resident of East Portland

Ryan Neilsen

Labor Leader

Ernesto Fonseca

Nonprofit Executive Director

Cynthia Carmina Gómez

Community Leader

Titles above are for identification purposes only and not representative of the organizations reflected.

Add your name to support Candace Avalos for Portland City Council in 2024

We are building a coalition of new voices to bring change to city hall, and we need your help! Add your name to the list below to support Candace in running for city council. If you can, please also consider writing a quick 2-3 sentence statement of your support that we can  post on the website!

Titles are for identification purposes only and not representative of the organizations reflected.