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As this city continues to grow and change, our leaders must grow and change with it. We need bold leadership today, because Portland deserves a better tomorrow. I believe in our future, and with your vote, I will fight for it as your commissioner.

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What People Are Saying

  • Candace is young, smart, and driven - and committed to making Portland a better place for everyone. Really. For everyone - regardless of age, race, or class. A vote for her is a vote for equity.

    Wendy Lawton Fairview Planning Commission
  • I support Candace Avalos for Portland City Council because she gets it. She understands the real-life challenges people face while fully understanding the reason for why Portlanders make this city their own.

    Darin Smith Resident of NE Portland
  • I trust Candace to advocate for my community through a trauma-informed lens. She has the knowledge to create sustainable policies around housing, resources, and access to mental health for Portland that can serve as a model for our nation. I am proud to know we have a candidate all health professionals can stand behind who will see and hear all of Portlanders.

    Jessica Calcagni Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • I have found that she continually excels at any task assigned to her whether it be on the Citizen Review Committee or on the Oregon Kickball Club Board. She is always willing to take the toughest projects and put in the necessary work to ensure that they are done properly. I truly admire her passion in making the community a better place for the people of Portland.

    Jenn Clark Portland Volunteer
  • Candace is a gem! Portland would be proud to have her in City Council. She is an honest, hard worker, who is passionate about the people and places she serves.

    Kati Falger PSU Staff Member
  • Young people deserve to have a voice in the decision making process. The path to engaging the next generation of leaders runs directly through representation of that generation in City Hall. I am proud to support Candace, whose perspective as a young woman of color and experience working with students will be a huge asset as Portland plans for our future.

    Megan Mcmillan Advocate for Families / Mother of Two
  • Candace is progressive, focused and committed to the community. She fights for justice and will fight for Portland.

    Shani Harris-Bagwell Community Organizer
  • Candace knows exactly what Portland needs and isn’t afraid to be blunt about it. She isn’t here to play politics as usual, she’s here to make an actual difference in the lives of every Portlander.

    Peter Wedlake Community Activist
  • I support Candace Avalos for Portland City Council because of her passion for service and commitment to strengthening communities. Given her extensive experience as a leader and educator, I am confident in her ability to lead Portland to a brighter future.

    Sam Swan PSU Student
  • Candace is a powerful leader in PDX. She has been engaged in nuanced policymaking and advocacy that supports the lived experiences of a variety of populations across our Portland community. Her own life experiences and professional work has equipped her to make sound and calculated decisions for our city. I stand with Candace Avalos for Portland City Council.

    Christine Pitts Education Policy Advisor
  • Candace works hard to support student learning and development at PSU. Her role is demanding and she does everything she can to support our students with limited resources. She’s not intimidated by challenging circumstances and I’m confident she’d be a hard-working, equity-minded City Council member who wouldn’t back down in the face of adversity.

    Stacie Taniguchi PSU Staff Member
  • Candace Avalos has a strong voice and is willing to be accountable. Her focus on the outdated system of city government, housing and policing are just the thing Portland needs to move forward

    Bruce Bowers PSU Student
  • I have witnessed Candace in many different roles and noticed how she embodies her values in every way. She navigates holding the multitudes of her work with compassion, accountability, and through listening to the people she is serving. I support Candace Avalos for Portland City Council!

    Sheena Ino PSU Staff Member
  • Innovation, accountability, dedication -- these are words that come to mind when I think of what Candace will bring to the Portland City Council. She's driven by a vision of the very best of this city, and a realistic and motivated lens on what we need to do to bring that vision to everyone.

    Dacia Grayber Firefighter/ Paramedic, Community Activist
  • I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Candace for the past 6 years in her role supporting and mentoring students at Portland State University. She cares deeply about serving her community, listening to every voice, and acting with integrity and honesty.

    Aimee Shattuck Portland Resident
  • I’ve interacted with Candace several times at PSU and have always been impressed with how kind, uplifting, but effective she was in dealing with difficult situations as they related to student government and tricky events within the PSU administration. While being a powerful advocate for students, as well as a helpful and ethical communicator with student news media, Candace has somehow found the time to participate in the Citizen Review Committee for Portland Police, participate in and speak at rallies, and share her real life on social media and in person. I have so, so much admiration for Candace and think she brings excellent ideas and a fresh perspective to city council that is gravely needed in this city that has done such a poor job of representing its less privileged members.

    Anna Williams Resident of SE Portland
  • I support Candace Avalos for Portland City Council because she has always been a dedicated and passionate advocate for her community.

    Angie Allison University Instructor
  • Candace recognizes community needs and organizes to address them. She's direct and caring. She doesn't shy away from tough, complex issues.

    Harold McNaron Educator
  • I think Candace is an outgoing, caring person. She goes above and beyond her call of duty to make sure others are cared for. She listens and commits to tasks and is an all around wonderful human being!!

    Hilary Wartell Portland Resident
  • I support Candace Avalos because I have known her for several years and I consider her to be highly intelligent, honorable, and trustworthy.

    Brett Carlos NE Portland Resident
  • Candace is very passionate and knowledgeable! She is also very involved and engaged with students and the community, and has shown a comprehensive understanding of their needs.

    Rebecca Rodas PSU Staff
  • Candace is positive, relatable, hard working, and genuine. She is clear in her views but will listen to other views. She brings the energy, ideas, and understanding needed to be a good leader.

    Eileen Oppelt Teacher
  • Candace is both caring and energetic enough to do something about it.

    Gregory Welling Former Co-worker
  • Candace is someone with a lot of integrity which is needed in politics. She will work hard to reach her goals.

    Aaron Reffitt Resident of NE Portland
  • Candace is a rare combination of passionate and capable. She is innovative and 100% committed to truly making a difference, with no desire for glory for herself. If more of our political leaders were so sincere, our country would be better off! How many offices can I vote her into at once??

    Kristen Brabrook Friend
  • Ms. Avalos has such a strong rooting in what is right, and she has vision for the future. Having voices like hers on the Portland City Council will mean that all Portlanders will have a representative fighting for the issues closest to their hearts and homes. Candace is the type of person who listens, cares, and fights. She would make an absolutely essential addition to the city council, and she has my full support.

    Shaylan Rodman Homemaker/Parent/Student
  • Candace has put in the work and has a passion for change. She has hope for the dire state of affairs and that’s something to get behind. She has a commitment to the betterment of communities of color, and that is a priority for me.

    Matty Jernigan Non-profit Project Management, PSU Graduate Student
  • Candace is dedicated to the folks she works with and works for. She is supportive, an active listener, and works diligently for the benefit of all around her. I fully support her for Portland City Council in 2020.

    Chandler Paterson PSU Graduate Student
  • Her perspective is refreshing. The fact that she can remain fairly calm in conversations about issues that impact not just her, but those of POC. It’s important we have more of these voices. Fresh ideas.

    Nichole Carnesi Resident of NE Portland
  • I believe in her!

    Charmaine Learnard Escrow
  • In my work with Candace I have observed her passion. I’m confident that she will bring that passion to her commitment to bring about positive changes to our community.

    Sheri Pitcher PSU Staff
  • I've worked with Candace for six years, and really respect her. I also know how hard she works and how ethical she is, something that should be a baseline expectation for all of our public officials. Candace is a critical thinker and thoughtful problem-solving. She always brings an informed, fresh perspective to the table.

    Angela Hamilton St Johns Resident and PSU Staff

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